About Purpose Church

Purpose Church is a new life-giving church which started on February 27, 2022. Purpose Church exists to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20 and Ephesians 2:10)
Meet God
God's kindness leads people to connect with Him. God is kind and wants a relationship through Jesus with everyone. Purpose Church is a kind place, and a place of hope. God wants to meet you and we want to create a safe place for people to experience His kindness.
Be Free
Through relationships, Purpose Church is a place to experience encouragement, prayer, and accountability to walk in the freedom that God has set in place for us.
Discover Your Purpose
What gives you passion? How are you wired to make our community a better place. We want to help you discover your passion and encourage you to fulfill your passion.
Go Together
When we discover our purpose, we will also discover other people who have the same passions. When we go together to make a difference, our efforts and impact are exponentially multiplied.
Our Values
  1. We are committed to the truth revealed in the Bible.
  2. We are committed to loving everyone by sharing truth and grace
  3. We are committed to excellence.
  4. We are committed to joy.
  5. We are committed to generously living and giving.
  6. We are committed to starting new life-giving churches.
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Purpose Church

Looking for a church but not sure where to turn? We want to help you find a home. We are dedicated to helping everyday people meet God, be free, discover their purpose and go together to make a difference.

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